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Verizon Working to Restore Home Service to Thousands



    Verizon Working to Restore Home Service to Thousands
    Josh Keppel
    The "Talking Light" tour T-shirt shows a static television like this one. Funny how hard it is to see "ant races" like these anymore, with digital tv and all.

    Wednesday's rolling power outages wiped service to about 3,000 Verizon residential customers.

    Verizon Communications Inc. spokesman Bill Kula said crews are working to restore home phone, FIOS and Internet service. But Kula said they probably wouldn't be able to get to everyone in time for Super Bowl Sunday.

    "We have brought crews in from South Texas to help restore folks who are without service," he said in a telephone interview Thursday.

    Upset customers called and e-mailed NBC DFW about the outages.

    "We were told there is a widespread problem, possibly stemming from the rolling blackouts and a rep can't get out until Feb. 13," one customer wrote. "Yep, that means no TV, phone or Internet for at least 10 days!"

    Kula about 1 percent of Verizon's North Texas customers were affected. He said the outages mainly affected customers with older equipment -- early adopters to the Verizon home services.

    The Electric Reliability Council of Texas, the agency that supervises the electric power distribution grid for most of the state, ordered rolling electrical outages Wednesday morning to compensate for a power generation shortage.

    Kula said the company has reprioritized its crews and are pushing back new customers waiting for service in order to accommodate current customers with outages.

    But it doesn't pacify some customers who are waiting for service.

    "I have no phone service, no Internet and the worst thing of all, I can't watch all of the NBC 5 news," one customer wrote in an e-mail.

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