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Denton County Neighborhood Wakes Up Without Water

Castle Hill neighborhood without water since early Sunday morning after pump fails



    A malfunction at a water pumping station is to blame for thousands of people waking up to no water in Denton County this morning. (Published Sunday, Dec. 16, 2012)

    Emeka Etafugh and about 10,000 of his neighbors started their easy Sunday morning the hard way.  Etafugh let us inside his home and showed us his bathroom sink.

    "You turn it on and no response and you turn this one (the hot water knob) well, a little trickle but that's about it.," said Etafugh.

    Etafugh lives in the Denton County neighborhood of Castle Hills.

    One of the pumps at the pumping station failed which disabled all the pumps which means no sink, no shower, no working toilets.

    "It's pretty rough," says Etafugh.  "Haven't bathed, haven't had a shower, haven't brushed our teeth which is pretty yucky so just waiting to get some water for hygiene and to cook."

    When we showed up at the pumping station around 10am, repairs were already underway.

    "We have talked to the city of Lewisville, gotten the replacement part we need," said Denton County Fresh Water Supply District Spokesperson David Marguilies.  "There's a full crew on the scene, repairs are being made and we're hoping to have water restored sometime today."