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University Park Grandma Sued for Distributing Child Pornography



    The family of a sex abuse victim is suing Erica Perdue, a University Park grandmother already convicted and sentences to prison on child pornography charges. The lawsuit is filed under Marsha's Law. (Published Wednesday, March 26, 2014)

    Erika Susan Perdue was sentenced just last week to 14 years in federal prison for downloading and sharing child pornography. The 43-year-old University Park grandmother lost the battle for her freedom and now she's being sued by one of her victims according to The Dallas Morning News.

    The mother of a young girl seen being sexually abused in Perdue's photos and video filed a civil lawsuit demanding $150,000 in compensatory damages and punitive damages.

    The lawsuit was filed under Marsha's Law, which allows minors to sue manufacturers and distributors of child pornography.

    According to the lawsuit, the girl was repeatedly sexually abused by her father in 2008, acts he photographed, videotaped and distributed, ultimately landing in Perdue's computer hard drive.

    The Dallas Morning News reports the Department of Justice warned the mother and daughter of the existence of the images and their redistribution.

    In the lawsuit their attorney, Marc Lenahan, writes: "Plaintiff must live with the knowledge that defendant, and those like her have copied and distributed innumerable images of her abuse... plaintiff must also live with the fear that she may be recognized or even stalked by others who have viewed the images of the purpose of satisfying their perverse, prurient urges."

    The lawsuit contends that those images continue to make their way across the web and with each notification from the Department of Justice, that the mother and daughter will continue suffering mental and emotional anguish.

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