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Undercover Cops Witness Carjacking, Rescue Victim

Woman abducted while driving home, Fort Worth police say



    Two undercover Fort Worth officers who saw a carjacking followed the car and called for patrol officers. The driver said the man jumped in her car and told her someone was trying to kill him. (Published Tuesday, April 17, 2012)

    Two undercover Fort Worth police officers who happened to witness a carjacking on Tuesday rescued the woman driver and arrested the suspect, police said.

    "It happened so fast," said the victim, Audrey Tindall, of Burleson.

    Tindall said she was heading home from work when a man ran into the 1200 block of Rosedale Avenue in front of her car and forced his way inside.

    "I had no idea what his intentions were," she said.

    Tindall said the man told her to drive.

    "He pushed my seat forward and got in the back seat behind me," she said. "The whole time, he was yelling, 'Help me, help me.' He was screaming, 'They're going to kill me, they're going to kill me.' He was saying, 'Thank you, Jesus, thank you, Jesus,' because he was in my car."

    Tindall said nobody was chasing the man and she realized he was either mentally ill or on drugs.

    "He seemed very distressed and seemed like he really believed people were going to kill him," she said in a telephone interview later Tuesday night. "All I wanted was to get to a safe place."

    She had no idea two narcotics officers were behind her in an unmarked car. They radioed for patrol officers to stop the car.

    When Tindall saw the police cruisers behind her, she stopped in a motel parking lot at Interstate 35 and Ramey.

    "I was a little shaken up, but I'm fine," she said. "Thankfully, the undercover officers were following me the whole time."

    Police did not immediately identify the suspect.

    "Good for us, we have a fortunate outcome to what possibly could have been something more serious," said Fort Worth police Lt. R.L. Krouse. "We just want to remind everyone, when they're driving, lock your doors."

    Tindall said she has now learned to lock her doors.

    "I'm just so thankful it turned out the way it did," she said.