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Ugly? Yes. But El Chupacabra? Not So Much

Mysterious animal killed in Hood County is just a sick coyote-canine hybrid, test results say



    Ugly? Yes. But El Chupacabra? Not So Much
    An animal killed last week was no chupacabra, just a very ill coyote-canine hybrid.

    The search for evidence of the mythological El Chupacabra goes on.

    Hood County residents had wondered if a mysterious animal killed last week was one of the infamous and elusive "goat-suckers."

    Some had speculated that the animal was clearly a chupacabra, but others said it looked like a Mexican hairless dog.

    But tests at Texas A&M revealed that the animal was actually a coyote-canine hybrid with a bad case of skin mites and internal parasites. Yuck!

    The animal was also emaciated, Hood County animal control Sgt. Rosemary Moningertold the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

    Frank Hackett, a Hood County animal control officer, shot the canine last week when it growled at him.

    "It was ugly, real ugly, I'm not going to tell no lie on that one," he said in an interview earlier this week.

    Earlier this year, a creature found in Wise County golf course was believed to be a chupacabra. A biologist later identified the animal as as a hairless raccoon.

    NBC DFW's Grant Stinchfield contributed to this report.

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