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UTA Fined Over 2008 Crime Reports



    The University of Texas at Arlington is facing a $82,500 fine for violating the Clery Act, which requires colleges and universities that participate in federal student aid program to accurately report crime information. (Published Tuesday, May 7, 2013)

    The U.S. Department of Education recently fined the University of Texas at Arlington for inaccurately reporting crimes on campus.

    The university was fined $82,500 after the federal agency said UTA police violated the Clery Act, the statue that monitors how universities that receive federal student aid report crime.

    According to a December 2011 letter from the agency, UTA inaccurately reported more than two dozen cases in 2008, including a forcible sex offense incident, an aggravated assault incident and several alcohol, drug and weapons violations.

    The letter detailed the incidents, including one the agency said UTA classified as unauthorized use of a motor vehicle instead of motor vehicle theft.

    Education Department officials say accurate info is needed so students and staff can make safety decisions accordingly.

    A UTA representative said the agency's concerns had since been addressed and that the inaccurate reports were corrected.

    Campus police also have since started using a new computer system that more accurately documents and reports crime, the university said.

    UTA has appealed the penalties. The Department of Education has granted an appeal hearing but has not yet set a date for the proceeding.