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TxDOT Running Low on Granular Ice-Melt

Bad weather has taken its toll



    There’s more bad news for drivers who have to brave tomorrow’s early morning commute.

    TxDOT is running low on its granular ice-melt and loaner snow plows are now back with their owners.

    Last week's round of winter weather took an icy toll on TxDOT, leaving the agency scrambling to restock its supplies. 

    "It really pushed us to the limits, we didn't hold back, we didn't spare anything to get these roads open as fast as possible," said TxDOT spokesperson Mark Pettit about last weeks storms. 

    Winter Weather Taking a Toll on TxDOT

    [DFW] Winter Weather Taking a Toll on TxDOT
    The Texas Department of Transportation is bringing in 150 tons of sand, and may have snow plows from Lubbock, but it is running low on granular de-icing material.
    (Published Tuesday, Feb. 8, 2011)

    TxDOT is bringing in hundreds of semi-trucks filled with sand and said it has plenty of liquid de-icing material for North Texas roads.

    However, the agency said large supplies of granular wouldn’t make it from Utah in time to be used during tomorrow's storm.

    TxDOT is mixing small amounts of salt into its sand, and even though it's a pretty low percentage of salt to sand ratio according to Pettit, it should result in some “ice melting effects.”

    A little help however, couldn’t hurt. So, according to TxDOT, the Lubbock district has sent twelve snow plows our way.

    A reprieve of sorts, according to Pettit who said, “Any additional resources we get is always a help.”