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Two Injured in House Explosion in Richardson

Firefighters say propone tank stored in home had leak



    A house explosion sent a father and son to the hospital with burns on Tuesday.

    The blast happened just before 6 p.m. in the 1300 block of Wisteria Way in Richardson.

    Family members and friends identified the pair as father, Darryn Huffman, and his son, Shelby Huffman.

    Assistant Fire Chief Steve Dossett said the two men had second and some third-degree burns on their face, chest, hands and feet. They were taken to Parkland Medical Center.

    Home Explosion Blows Out Windows, Injures 2

    [DFW] Home Explosion Blows Out Windows, Injures 2
    Firefighters say a gas leak from a tank stored in the home could have caused the explosion.
    (Published Wednesday, Dec. 28, 2011)

    Both men are in serious condition.

    Investigators said Darryn Hufman, who makes jewelry at home, had a propane tank in the front living room but didn’t realize it was leaking.

    Dossett said the father and son smelled gas and walked into the room to see what was causing the fumes. The explosion occurred as they opened the door.

    Dossett said investigators believe the gas leaked into a furnace, causing the blast.

    Olivia Velazquez, who lives across the street, was outside when the explosion happened.

    “Me and my mom were out here, and there was this explosion. Fire was coming out of the window. They were screaming inside. The youngest one, he got burned a lot,” she said.

    Velazquez said both Darryn and Shelby Huffman walked out of the house shortly after the explosion happened.

    One neighbor said the pair looked very stiff, “like they had bad sunburns.”

    “[Shelby] had burns on his stomach. They both didn’t have shirts on. They were hurt really bad,” Velazquez said.

    Family members are with both men at the hospital.