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Tree Trimming Truce



    After cutting hundreds of limbs, Oncor is now offering an olive branch to East Dallas residents.

    Residents in the Lakewood area have been fighting Oncor's rule of trimming back 10 feet four inches from power lines. Monday morning, with the help of State Senator John Carona, Oncor and the residents were able to come to a new agreement to only trim trees seven feet back from power lines.

    East Dallas resident Jeri Huber is optimistic about the new plan.

    "That's wonderful. That's wonderful. That's what we've been fighting for and trying to get, the compromise for all these months, " Huber said. "I want to see it in writing from Oncor. I'm anxious to hear their final proposal."

    Tree Truce Trims Oncor Pruning Distances

    [DFW] Tree Truce Trims Oncor Pruning Distances
    After months of bickering, Oncor Electric Delivery will launch a pilot program that cuts the distance it trims trees from 10 feet 4 inches away from power lines to 7 feet.
    (Published Tuesday, Nov. 30, 2010)

    In the past, Huber said Oncor's pruning job has butchered the trees that are synonymous with the Lakewood landscape.

    "They're very important. And people buy homes over here for the large trees," Huber said.

    Oncor won't release full details of the plan, but a spokesperson said they're happy both sides could agree on a new trimming length.

    "We feel like we've come up with a resolution that really balances our cost and reliability and the want that our customer want for a minimal pruning," said Jeamy Molina with Oncor.

    Residents say the new pilot program also includes putting protective sleeves on certain lines close to trees, to prevent the lines from touching swaying tree limbs that could spark an outage.

    The program is expected to be unveiled Wednesday.