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Train Wreck Derails Weekend Plans



    A train on train collision in Arlington leaves a UP train off the tracks. (Published Monday, Oct. 3, 2011)

    A Union Pacific locomotive struck a stationary train in Arlington late Saturday night.

    There were no injuries but the crash caused a ripple effect that left hundreds of party-goers stranded at a nearby charity event.

    A day later, Division Street between Dottie Lynn and West Fork Road was blocked off to drivers while Union Pacific crews worked to repair the damage and clean up debris.

    Hundreds of witnesses were attending a fundraiser for Boys & Girls Club of Arlington at Howell Family Farms when they heard the crash.

    "You heard a sound of thunder crash and then the ground shook," said Kristy Kundyspek, who was on the committe for the event.

    The one exit from the farm was blocked by the wrecked locomotives.

    Arlington police cut a path through at nearby Shady Valley Golf Club to get partygoers out, though some were forced to get rides home with friends and leave their cars behind.

    The wreck was also bad for business.

    "Even for the Boys & Girls Club of Arlington, it's a big inconvenience because they have tents and other things that really need to come out." Kundyspek said.

    Union Pacific hoped to get the locomotives back on track by early Monday morning, before the morning rush hour.