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Young Fan Gets Surprise From Romo on Thanksgiving



    Young Fan Gets Surprise From Romo on Thanksgiving
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    Cheyenne Knapp received a surprise from Dallas Cowboys quarterback.

    A teenager in the hospital received a big surprise from her favorite quarterback.

    This Thanksgiving the Knapp family is watching the Cowboys Thanksgiving game from the hospital.

    Their only daughter, 13-year-old Cheyenne Knapp, is in a hospital bed.

    “She has been battling MRSA,” said her father Scott Knapp.

    Romo Gives Fan Thanksgiving Surprise

    [DFW] Young Fan Gets Surprise From Romo on Thanksgiving
    Cheyenne Knapp, who is in the hospital, received a big surprise from her favorite quarterback, Tony Romo. He showered her with gifts after learning about her story.
    (Published Monday, Dec. 2, 2013)

    Cheyenne ended up in the hospital after she fell on her hip. An infection became a blood clot, which caused her to be hospitalized for three weeks.

    But none of that has kept her from watching her favorite player, Tony Romo.

    “He is a good football player. He is a good quarterback, and he has a good arm,” said Cheyenne.

    She told her mom last Sunday how much she wanted to meet the Cowboys quarterback.

    Cheyenne's mom created a Facebook page called "Team Cheyenne" for her daughter and stated how her daughter is a huge Romo fan. .

    A few days later, a signed ball from her favorite quarterback arrived, along with a package filled with Cowboys memorabilia.

    The ball read, "To Cheyenne. Go Cowboys! The Giants game was for you. God Bless. Tony Romo."

    Her mom said she lit up when the package came. She took a video of her reaction, and posted it to YouTube. It now has more than 4,000 views.

    “I feel so good that he knows about me,” said Cheyenne.

    The Dallas quarterback mentioned Cheyenne after his big win against the raiders.

    “I heard the story of Cheyenne and she has a lot of love around her, and a lot of people that really care about her and that is a testament to who she is as a person,” said Romo. “If you can brighten someone’s day it is easy to do from my perspective. Sometimes it can be a nice thing. We wish her well and we are all praying for her.”

    The family is touched by what he did.

    “He is human like everybody else," said Scott Knapp. "He has a family. You know, the fact that he took time to sign the football for her that is something else. Somebody he dosen’t know that he cared enough to do it."