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Toddler's Sudden Death Saves Three Lives

Parents donate son's organs



    Eric and Amanda Trant are mourning the unexpected death of their 18-month-old son, Dastan. As they grieve, they are also finding comfort, because his death saved three lives.

    The Trants said their toddler died suddenly. The energetic redhead was playing in the park with his mother when he had a seizure and later died.

    "When they say things happen in the blink of an eye, it literally does," Amanda Trant said.

    As the family of five mourns the loss of its youngest, they find joy in a big decision they made. The Trants donated Dastan's organs, giving three strangers a second chance.

    "I think of the three lives that he saved. His heart is still beating, his liver is in a one-year-old little girl. His kidneys are in a 69- year-old woman," Amanda Trant said.

    "I think it does give you something to pray for, something to hope for, besides just simply sitting around, mourning." Eric Trant said.

    Their North Texas neighborhood is rallying around them and showing support of organ donation by tying green ribbons around the community. The support does not stop in The Colony.

    "We have aunts and uncles and cousins in San Diego that are tying green ribbons around their trees. My mom lives out near Tyler. She has a green ribbon around her tree," Amanda said.

    It is this awareness and the people who Dastan saved that are making the 18-month-old a hero.