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NFL Quarterback Brings Easter Message to Georgetown



    Tim Tebow's Texas Talk
    New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow speaks Celebration Church's "Easter on the Hill" in Georgetown, Texas, on Easter Sunday, April 8, 2012. (AP Photo/William Philpott)

    It's not the first time Tim Tebow has caused thousands of people to start cheering. But usually, it's on a football field.

    "I really don't think I'm the first athlete to get on a knee and pray," said Tim Tebow, New York Jets Quarterback

    It is that religion that brought thousands of people out to see him... and the reason for a huge concert like production. Pastor Joe Champion, an LSU grad, had a little fun with the former Florida Gator by giving him an LSU helmet.  But the football players said rivalries on the field have always come second.

    "Win or lose, hero or goat, it's most important to honor Lord and Savior Jesus Christ," Tebow said.

    Tim Tebow's Texas Talk

    [DFW] Tim Tebow's Texas Talk
    Thousands of Texans turn out to hear Christian and NFL Star Tim Tebow talk about his faith at annual Easter Service.
    (Published Sunday, April 8, 2012)

    20,000 people packed Celebration Church's hill in Georgetown and gathered around a big stage to hear Tim Tebow speak. Many said the quarterback's beliefs are something they looked forward to hearing on Easter Sunday.

    "We were excited we love this church and its great he will be part of our Easter service," said church member Karen Jellison.

    But the beliefs that brought this crowd have also led to plenty of ridicule for the New York Jets and former Denver Broncos Quarterback. Tebow said that's okay.

    "When its being talked about its being contemplated…and that's exciting," Tebow said.

    "[The] guy's telling the truth and I respect anyone who has the guts to stand up and say what he feels," said Kim Mozejko, Tebow fan. 
    "It's okay to be outspoken about your faith and get on a knee and pray about it," Tebow said.

    Especially on an Easter Day unlike any other in Georgetown.