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Loved Ones Blame Dark Road for Deaths of 3 Girls



    Loved Ones Blame Dark Road for Deaths of 3 Girls

    Friends and family gathered Saturday night to mourn the deaths of three Terrell girls, ages 12, 14 and 16, who were killed while crossing the street Friday.

    Ana and Jacqueline Segura, sisters, and a friend were hit by a car headed north on State Highway 34 at East State Road in Terrell just after 6:30 p.m.

    "They were headed home, and they were crossing the street, and I don't know," said Bernice Segura, the sister of two of the victims. "I guess they didn't look before crossing."

    Martha Castillo, a friend of the victims, said she'll never forget the scene after the crash.

    "We thought it was an accident,"she said. "But then we just saw the girls laying on the floor; their shoes were off. They flew away from the car."


    Terrell police said Jacquelie Garner, the driver of the vehicle that struck the girls, the driver who hit the girls, will not face charges. Police neither alcohol nor drugs were a factor.

    The victims' friends and family blamed the lack of lighting on State Highway 34, a new stretch of road way that's pitch black as soon as the sun goes down.

    "There's not even a speed limit on here, and there's no lights here so, I mean, it's too late now," Sheila Cardenas said.

    They said they hope the city will put up street lights and speed limit signs to keep the area safe for those who live near State Highway 34.

    Friends and family gathered at the scene of the crash Saturday afternoon to bring dozens of flowers, teddy bears and candles and say goodbye.

    "Just to know that we're all here to support them, it shows that we care," Castillo said.