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Three Injured in Helicopter Ambulance Hard Landing



    Helicopter Hard Landing

    A helicopter ambulance crash landed outside Wise Regional Hospital in Decatur. (Published Saturday, Dec. 26, 2009)

    A helicopter ambulance crashed seconds after take off at Wise Regional Hospital in Decatur Friday afternoon.

    The helicopter was about 50 feet off the ground when it came crashing down, knocking out windows and injuring three crew members. Scott Sloane took video of the hard landing on Friday.

    Two were taken by helicopter a Fort Worth hospital, the third crew member was treated at Wise Regional Hospital.

    "They were headed to Wichita Falls to pick up a patient," Decatur Police Chief Rex Hoskins told the Star-Telegram. "They were up about 50 feet when it started to smoke. It then just came back down really hard."

    The FAA officials are investigating the accident.