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Third Suspect Sought in Violent ATM Robbery

ATM technician robbed, run over at Fort Worth gas station



    Police have arrested two men accused of robbing an ATM technician as he was putting bills in a machine at a Fort Worth gas station. (Published Friday, April 26, 2013)

    Fort Worth police have arrested two men suspected of robbing an ATM technician twice in the last five months and then running him over last week and are looking for a third suspect.

    Police said Juan Segura, 21, and Arrington Marchello Chase-Ealy, 24, robbed the technician of the money he was putting into an ATM at a Chevron gas station on Bridgewood Drive at Bridge Street on April 19.

    They then ran over the 55-year-old worker after he chased them into a parking lot, investigators said.

    Police said the men also robbed the same ATM technician at the same gas station in December.

    Investigators are also looking for Segura's younger brother, 19-year-old Aaron Segura, in connection to the robberies.

    The ATM technician is in critical condition with life-threatening injuries, Detective Brian Raynsford said.

    "We always recommend people do what they need to do to get through a situation, whether they feel they should just give them the money and let them go," Raynsford said. "As to why the victim did what he did on that particular day, I can't talk to."

    Police said Juan Segura and Chase-Ealy admitted to both robberies and to injuring the ATM technician.

    Investigators said Juan Segura's girlfriend, Vanessa Valdez, who was involved in the December robbery, led them to him. Segura then gave up the names of his other two accomplices, including his brother, police said.

    Valdez, who was not involved in last week's robbery, faces a robbery charge in connection with the December incident. At last check, she was being held in jail.