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Thieves Snatch Orchestral Instruments

Crooked pair seem to specialize in instrument types



    Thieves Snatch Orchestral Instruments
    Dallas Police Department
    Still from a DPD released surveillance tape of a music store robbery.

    Dallas police are calling for the public’s help identifying a pair of thieves with classical music taste.

    Ok, so they might not dig classical music, but evidently they see the benefits of some instruments that create classical music.

    Police issued a surveillance video of the boys at work at the Brook Mays Music Co. location along John Carpenter Freeway. The heist, according to police, occurred at 5 a.m., June 7.

    The video shows one guy smashing the bottom half of a glass door — smart fellow because it would have been way more difficult had he smashed the top half — and both guys scurrying in and out with their ill-gotten gains.

    Suspect 1, the door smasher, appears to specialize in brass and woodwind instruments. He snagged a couple of saxophones after clearing out three, whoa, were those French horns?

    Suspect 2 must be a string expert because he made off with five cellos or maybe four and a viola. Hard to tell.

    The second part of the video shows them trying the hock the hot instruments. I would think they need to hit multiple pawn shops because how plausible would it sound for them to say, “Uh, yeah, yeah, man, we had, like, a family, oh, what’s that word, chamber ensemble, yeah, ensemble, but we switched to timpani and piano, so we don’t need these anymore. Cool?”

    Good luck with that.

    Bruce Felps owns and operatesEast Dallas Times, an online community news outlet serving the White Rock Lake area. He thinks there must be an easier way to make a crooked buck.