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Thieves Return for Car After Stealing Woman's Purse



    A North Texas mom was victimized not once, but twice and she hopes security camera footage will track down the criminals. (Published Wednesday, Sept. 11, 2013)

    A North Texas mom was victimized not once, but twice, and she hopes security camera footage will help track down the criminals who got away with more than her purse and car.

    The first incident happened early Monday morning when Laura Wolf dropped off her 6-month-old son at Rosewood Academy in Dallas.

    Wolf said she was inside the daycare for just two or three minutes when someone broke into her car and stole her purse.

    "They stole my purse, my wallet, all my credit cards, my drivers license," said Wolf.

    They also stole her keys.

    Surveillance video at the daycare showed a silver Ford sedan pull into the parking lot with two people inside. On camera, the passenger is seen trying to get inside one vehicle, but it was locked. Wolf's vehicle, however, was unlocked.

    After the theft, Wolf was worried the theives might use her keys those to break into her Grand Prairie home or steal her car, but she said Dallas police told her that was unlikely because the thieves were probably just looking for a purse full of cash.

    But on Wednesday morning, when Wolf went outside to go to work, she found her 2010 Yukon Denali had been taken from her driveway.

    "It's just that fear, like, did they really have the nerve to come to my house and grab my car after they already took my wallet, my identity, my checkbook, everything," said wolf.

    Replacing the SUV and everything in it will be a hassle, but Wolf said the criminals took something else from her that she can't get back.

    "They take that sense of safety that you have in your home away," said Wolf, who is a new mother and said the thought of what could have happened is terrifying.

    "You know, my son sleeps in his nursery. He will not be sleeping there tonight," said Wolf.

    Wolf said she now knows leaving her things in the car was a mistake, even if it was for just a couple of minutes.

    At her home, she has now installed new locks, an alarm system and security cameras, though she said she'll only really feel safe again if the two people who stole her car and belongings are caught.