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Thief Stole WWII Navy Heirloom



    Stolen WWII Navy Heirloom

    Sharron Kerr inherited a Navy ring from WWII a few years back when her father, Elmer Lee Shirley, passed away. Shirley and her husband went out of town and when they returned they noticed their home was broken in to and the jewelry box that held the ring was gone. (Published Thursday, April 10, 2014)

    A Dallas woman is desperately hoping to find her father’s missing WWII Navy ring after a thief stole it from her East Dallas home.

    Sharron Kerr inherited the ring a few years back when her father, Elmer Lee Shirley, passed away.

    She said Shirley served in all of the Pacific battles during the war and got the ring during his service.

    “He always had stories," Kerr said. "The WWII stories he would always tell us over and over and over. It meant a lot to him because he always used to wear it."

    Kerr was out of town with her husband for the day when she returned to their home to find their back door kicked in and her entire jewelry box missing.

    She said the thieves didn’t touch anything else.

    “I mean, it was important! It was from WWII and my dad was in the service. You know, there’s a lot of pride in it,” Kerr exclaimed.

    Kerr said the ring was silver, fairly worn and had the Navy emblem on top.

    She’s begging for anyone with information about where the ring could be to call police and report it.

    “Why would you go through people’s things when you’re just going to sell it for some money?," Kerr said. "You’re probably going to get $5 out of it, ya know? And you know, it meant a lot to me.”