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The "Volcano Discount" at DFW Airport



    The "Volcano Discount" at DFW Airport
    This volcano in Iceland kept thousands stranded.

    A natural disaster grid-locks worldwide air travel.  But, at DFW International Airport, it could mean free parking.  Call it the "Volcano Discount."

    Airport officials have decided to refund parking for travelers whose cars were stuck at the airport while they waited for the volcanic ash to clear, reopening the skyways.

    DFW spokesman David Magana confirms that travelers who paid in full when they left the airport, can get a refund by appealing to the airport with documentation showing they were stranded. 

    To prevent drivers from holding up traffic, refunds will not be awarded at the airport gates

    DFW is not alone.  Airport officials at JFK in New York and Denver International airport have announced similar plans, according to USA Today.