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Hundreds Try To Win A "Losing" Spot

"The Biggest Loser" comes to Dallas for 14th season contestants.



    Hundreds Try To Win A "Losing" Spot

    Hundreds of people packed Gilley's in Dallas Saturday to try and get on the latest season of the biggest loser. (Published Sunday, July 22, 2012)

    Driving all the way from San Antonio, Eddie Garza is one of the hundreds of contestants here at this casting call for a spot in the latest season of NBC’s “The Biggest Loser”. His reason to lose weight is family.

    “My son told me that he wanted me to be like me and that's really a great thing and he's says 'when I get older I want to have a big belly too'," Garza said. "That was disappointing to me. I want you to be like me in a number of ways-- but don't be like me like this."
    His story resonates with many others here who made the lines in the searing heat. For Garland resident Robin McAdams besides the desire to get in shape for her children, she wants to inspire.
    “It's like we're all a big family and everybody is here for the reason-- we want to get healthy,” McAdams said.
    Jada Bates is one of the casting directors responsible to dwindle down the pool of applicants.
    “We want some who is definitely root-able, has a good story and they have to have the drive, they're going to have to lose the weight because it's going to be hard." Bates said. "It's going to be one of the hardest things they're going to have to do."
    Last year, Texas ranked as the 12th most obese state in the nation. The state medical costs associated with it were $5.3 billion-- more than twice what Mavericks-owner Mark Cuban is worth.
    Now heading to its 14th season, the reality show gives away quarter of million dollars to the contestant who loses the most weight.
    "It's really an opportunity you don't get that often," Garza said.