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Texas Boy Hospitalized After Throat Slashed

Police say Mother told them she was trying to release the demons from her son.



    A five-year-old boy whose throat was slashed remains hospitalized in Houston, and his mother is in custody. (Published Monday, March 19, 2012)

    Tamika Worthy said her mother Daphne Spurlock is a Christian, a good mother and someone who would never do anything to hurt anyone.

    "You don't hear cuss words coming out of her mouth," Worthy said. "You don't hear her drinking, smoking. She's encouraging somebody."

    But now Spurlock is at the Montgomery County Jail, accused of slitting her 5-year old son's neck with a kitchen knife and stomping on his head and chest.

    Magnolia Police said they rushed to the Roy Street home after the victim's father came home to find Spurlock standing in the living room with a knife next to the child.

    "He heard her saying, 'You're gonna come out of him, you're gonna come out of him,'" Worthy said. "And so, he came back in and she was physically abusing my younger brother."

    Investigators arrested Spurlock and asked her why she did it.

    "She was reading the Bible with him and realized he was infested with demons and had to release these demons from him," said Officer Brian Clark of the Magnolia Police Department.

    The boy was airlifted to Children's Memorial Hermann with severe injuries. Worthy said she just found out her mother started having mental issues about two months ago.

    "About two months ago, incidents started occurring," Worthy said. "She started saying different stuff that didn't make sense that she wasn't supposed to be saying. But nobody called to inform us that this was going on. so we can't go and take action to see if she needed some counseling, some help."