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Police Stuck with Camaro It Hates



    Police Stuck with Camaro It Hates
    Seven Points PD

    It looks like the Seven Points Police Department is stuck with a 2010 Chevy Camero police car it tried three times to get rid of.

    The fast and showy police car seemed like a good purchase when the city bought it late last year.

    “Most of the time it just sits there because no one wants to drive it,” said Seven Points Police Office Mike Tayem in telephone interview Tuesday.

    The car has 16,000 miles on it, which is 4,000 more than the 12,000 miles-per-year widely accepted as the average mileage put on a vehicle each year.

    “It was a very bad purchase,” he added.

    “All the officers complained about it because it’s not suited for police work,” Tayem said.  “It gets up and goes, and it’s real showy; but you can’t haul prisoners in it.  It’s just not practical for us.”

    Tayem said most of the officers tried to drive it around, but ended up turning it in and asking for their traditional Crown Victoria’s or Chevy Tahoe’s.

    Tayem and the Seven Points Police Department posted the car for sale on the website GovDeals.com, an online auction site for government entities trying to get rid of surplus items, or things they don’t need anymore.

    They tried three times, but could not meet the minimum amount they needed to get rid of the car without it being a financial loss to taxpayers. 

    The latest bidding closed Tuesday.   Bidding started at $5,000 got seven bidders, according to the auction site.  The high bid closed Tuesday at  $24,500 without the reserve being met. 

    So it looks, for now, like Seven Points is stuck with this pretty, tricked-out police car they hate to drive around.