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Texas Ranks 40th in College Degrees

One quarter of Texans earn degrees



    Texas Ranks 40th in College Degrees
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    There's a 73 percent chance this guy was not from Texas.


    This time, it’s the College Board, the organization that brings you the SAT and AP tests, pointing out how relatively uneducated Texans can be.
    In a study released Thursday, the group found that 27 percent of people ages 25-34 living in Texas have earned college degrees. That puts us in 40th place with the mountain stage coming up and no chance to capture the yellow jersey.
    But wait, there’s more.
    Of the people in that age group, only one-third obtained a postsecondary degree. By way of comparison, the national average is 41 percent.
    According to an Associated Press report, University of Texas at Austin education professor Richard Reddick told the Houston Chronicle that the state's large number of first-generation college students and high percentage of low-income students play a role. They are often not well-prepared for college or unable to finish because of financial struggles, so yes, please, fire up the ethnicity-related fervor in the comments section.
    Bringing out the apples and oranges, Washington, D.C., came out on top of the study in terms of the number of people in the 25-34 age group who earned college degrees, presumably law degrees, and Arkansas served as the caboose on this train of thought.
    Bruce Felps owns and operatesEast Dallas Times, an online community news outlet serving the White Rock Lake area. He’s going to borrow a line from Daryl Reaugh and say, “Statistics are like bikinis. They show a lot, but they don’t show everything.”