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Texas Planned Parenthood Groups Merge

DFW, Austin, Waco groups to merge into one



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    Planned Parenthood groups in Austin, Waco and Dallas-Fort Worth are planning to merge into one organization.

    The boards of each group voted unanimously Wednesday to merge into Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas. The new organization will have 26 clinics in the Interstate 35 corridor.

    The new group's CEO Ken Lambrecht said the move will allow the organization to provide more health care services at lower costs. The Planned Parenthood clinics involved say they provide contraception, testing and health check-ups to 120,000 Texans.

    The decision follows recent attempts by Republican lawmakers to cut funding to the groups by excluding them from the Women's Health Program. They don't want to include clinics that are affiliated with others that provide abortions. Planned Parenthood has sued Texas saying the rule violates its constitutional rights.