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Texas Gets Lucky

Gawker.com calls Lone Star the 13th worst state



    Texas Gets Lucky

    by Bruce Felps

    With double negatives abounding, Gawker.com — that blog of bloggers — just came out with its “Worst 50 States in America” list where being at the bottom really means the state is at the top.

    In other words, New York, at No. 50, is the least-worst, or best, of these United States. We won’t know until tomorrow the No. 1 most-worst, also called worst, state because the site releases its rankings in bits and drabs.

    And let’s ignore that the list was compiled from anecdotal evidence as in “we polled members of the Gawker staff” who may or may not have visited most of the states.

    Texas, our Texas, though, ranked as the 13th worst state, which, yeah, is kind of surprising because most Gawker.com editors live in the 50th worst state, and New Yorkers generally see us as characters of “Dallas” or “Most Eligible Dallas,” or “The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean.”

    To be fair, they applauded the states’ food, music, and weird capitol city. Dragging us down, as pointed out yesterday at Unfair Park, were “Rick Perry, George W. Bush, the board of education, Cameron Todd Willingham, the culture of capital punishment as a whole, guns, religious zealotry both inane and dangerous, smog-filled Houston, airless Dallas, scorched wasteland El Paso, and the way they treat their immigrants, their blacks, their gays, and their women.”

    And then there’s the bragging. “If you guys would just shut up about if for a while, the rest of us might like you a little more,” the Gawkers wrote.

    I’m pretty much with them — save that Dallas part — on the multiple negatives, but hey, it ain’t bragging if it’s a fact.

    Bruce Felps owns and operatesEast Dallas Times, an online community news outlet serving the White Rock Lake area. He wishes to remind the Gawker.com folks that a list ranking all the states called the “Worst 50 States in America” is redundant.

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