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Test Your Mensa Mettle

High IQ organization examines prospective members



    Test Your Mensa Mettle

    by Bruce Felps

    Back when I worked for a local publishing company that put out a stable of national and international magazines, our editorial director had a pat response for what he felt were stupid questions. Namely, all of them.

    A group of us would approach and pose a question, to which he’d reply, pointing down the line, “Well, you’re a smart guy, and you’re a smart guy, and [looking at me] you’re a, um, guy, you figure it out.”

    My colleagues did, I didn’t, and that probably eliminates me from the big American Mensa qualification test to take place next week.

    The “high IQ” organization — they hesitate to use the word “genius” — offers prospective members the chance to prove their mental mettle starting at 7 p.m., March 22, at the national headquarters in Arlington.

    Show up at 6:30 for registration, plunk down $40, and take the IQ test. Easy, expect maybe for that whole answers thing.

    The membership drive, of sorts, is open to anyone 14 and older, although kids 14-17 need a parent or guardian present during registration.

    The test takes about two hours, and people who score 132 or better earn membership qualification. That’s a lot of smarts.

    So, good luck to all you smart people out there, and you, too, wise guys.

    Bruce Felps owns and operatesEast Dallas Times, an online community news outlet serving the White Rock Lake area. OK, now he knows what he’ll be doing Tuesday night. Yup, that sock drawer’s not going to arrange itself.