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Teen's Custom Saddle Stolen Off His Horse

Thief snags North Texas High School Rodeo Association Rookie of the Year saddle



    Trophy Saddle Stolen Off Teen's Horse

    A saddle thief stole a 16-year-old's $2,000 North Texas High School Rookie of the Year trophy saddle right off his horse. (Published Saturday, June 16, 2012)

    People in Parker County still say "yes, sir" and "yes, ma'am," open the door for ladies and don't take kindly to thieves.

    Scott "Scooter" Tidwell follows those rules. He's a polite 16 year-old -- and one heck of a cowboy.

    When asked how he earned North Texas High School Rodeo Association Rookie of the Year, he said: "Working hard, you know; taking care of your horse and letting him take care of you."

    Tidwell earned a belt buckle and a custom saddle for his calf roping skills, but someone stole the saddle Thursday night at the Parker County Sheriff's Posse Arena stole on Thursday night.

    He said he hitched his horse, Clyde, to a stall in a busy part of the arena. Tidwell went to talk to his girlfriend, but his horse and saddle were gone when he came back.

    At first, he thought his teenage buddies were playing a prank on him, Tidwell said.

    "You know, it’s cool if y'all are joking around with me, but where is at?" he told them.

    But they didn't know where the horse and saddle were. Clyde showed up a few minutes later, but the saddle was nowhere in sight.

    "I was just happy I found the horse," Tidwell said. "But the saddle and the horse would have been good."

    Crime Stoppers is offering a $1,000 reward. Tidwell said he hopes someone finds the thief -- or his saddle.