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Suspects in Walmart Shooting on the Run



    Frisco police are still searching for two men involved in a shooting that left one man in critical condition.

    It's the second shooting at a Frisco Walmart in just three weeks.

    Dozens of people witnessed the shooting at the Walmart at El Dorado Parkway and FM 423 in Frisco.

    Police say it occured during a drug deal between four men.

    Second Shooting at a Frisco Walmart

    [DFW] Second Shooting at a Frisco Walmart
    Frisco police say there is no connection between two separate shootings at two different Walmart stores in three weeks.
    (Published Tuesday, June 21, 2011)

    "Two black males fired upon the other two males that were there and one of them had to be Careflighted to the hospital for shots to his upper torso," said Sgt. Adam Henderson, spokesperson for the Frisco Police Department.

    The shooting 5:30 p.m. happened in broad daylight and in front of several neighboring businesses.

    Some frequent Walmart shoppers and Frisco residents say they are concerned about what seems to be a hike in violent crimes.

    "It's scary and it makes me scared to go to Walmart actually," said Donna Blume, a frequent Walmart shopper.

    But Frisco Police maintain there is no connection between the two separate shootings.

    "The connection is only that it was an illegal drug transaction. I don't see any link that it's at a Walmart and it's incurring any type of crime in that area," said Henderson.

    If you have information that can help solve this crime, call police.