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Cleburne Quake Was a 2.5



    Cleburne Quake Was a 2.5
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    Earthquake shakes North Texas again on Sunday night.

    The switchboard at the Cleburne Police Department lit up Sunday night after people there felt an earthquake.

    “It was definitely an earthquake,” NBCDFW viewer Matt Snider said when he called the KXAS newsroom. 

    “It had to have been around 10:07 [pm],” Snider said. “Stuff moved on the walls, books fell off the shelf, and there was a squeaking and moaning noise in the house.”

    Snider said the shaking didn’t last long, just a few seconds.

    A dispatcher with the Cleburne Police Department said they got numerous calls around 10:07 p.m. Sunday, but the department had not yet been able to get in touch with the United States Geological Survey to confirm it was, in fact, an earthquake until Monday morning.

    The USGS measured the earthquake as a magnitude of 2.5 and placed the center of the tremor 10 miles South/Southwest of Cleburne. (Find additional data from the USGS here) No injuries or major damage was reported as a result of the shaking. 

    The small Johnson County town experienced seven earthquakes in 2009.  There were other earthquakes reported around DFW from the fall of 2008 through the spring of 2009.  The largest was a 3.3-magnitude quake, but no major injuries or damage were reported.

    A Southern Methodist University and University of Texas study released earlier this year said 11 more quakes occurred that were too small to be felt were detected by equipment.

    The study said there was a plausible connection between the series of earthquakes and a disposal process that's done after natural gas drilling.  The study, however, didn’t include information about the seven quakes in Cleburne.