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Sunnyvale ISD Now Educates Beyond 8th Grade

Nobody motioned to call it Barack Obama High?



    Sunnyvale ISD Now Educates Beyond 8th Grade
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    Soon, the chairs at Sunnyvale High will fill with students for the first time.

    Sunnyvale, a town in Dallas County with a population of about 4,000, is celebrating the opening of its very first high school.

    Sunnyvale residents approved a $25 million bond by a weirdly slim 53 percent margin in 2007 to create the school. Two years later, kids will be hustling off to their high school days amid the smells of fresh paint and with un-marked-up lockers.

    Sunnyvale Independent School District previously only had public education available for students up to 8th grade. However, Sunnyvale youths didn’t all end their book learning at that grade; they commuted to Mesquite high schools to complete their high school education. 

    SISD has been around since 1953, but now its student population has grown large enough to keep the students in the city in their very own high school.

    The new school has room for 550 students, but can be expanded to accommodate 900. It is taking students through their junior year and is scheduled to begin classes this month. 

    Holly LaFon has written and worked for various local publications including D Magazine and Examiner.