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Suburbia Music Festival Aftermath



    Suburbia Music Festival Aftermath

    Suburbia Music Festival is a huge success, says Plano City Leaders and event organizers.

    The inaugural Plano event filled three stages with more than 30 bands. The festival was held over the weekend and an estimated 20,000 people attended.

    The event's concert promoter describes the festival "like an iPod on shuffle."

    Plano Mayor Harry LaRosiliere said, "Great cities do great things and with Suburbia Music Festival we proved that."

    City officials said there were few issues during the festival. The main problems dealt with heat-related illness such as dehydration or sun exposure. A total of 20 people were treated on Saturday and a total of 23 on Sunday. Only two were taken to the hospital during the weekend.

    Police said only three people were arrested due to public intoxication.

    The area were the event took place is being cleaned up and Los Rios Boulevard will reopen on Tuesday morning.