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Students Serve Up Meals for First Lady

Michelle Obama promotes healthy living



    Well before first lady Michelle Obama arrived, you could feel the energy inside a Dallas recreation center Friday morning. 

    The popular show, "Top Chef," was setting up lights and cameras, getting ready to film an upcoming episode while hundreds of elementary students chanted in the bleachers.

    When Mrs. Obama finally walked it, there was a roar of cheers and applause.

    The first lady immediately walked up to the microphone and started explaining why she was there: to promote her initiative "Let's Move!"

    First Lady Encourages Healthy Eating

    [DFW] First Lady Encourages Healthy Eating
    First lady Michelle Obama joined with Top Chef contestants and Dallas Cowboys players to encourage healthy eating at a Dallas elementary school.
    (Published Friday, Feb. 10, 2012)

    The goal of the program is to improve the way children and families eat and exercise.

    "This isn't just a grown up telling you to eat your vegetables. The truth is your brain works better on good food and we need you guys to be at your very best," the First Lady explained.

    After a quick introduction, the show got under way. Students teamed up with "Top Chef" contestants to whip up meals in a healthy cooking contest.

    DeMarco Murray Meets The First Lady

    [DFW] DeMarco Murray Meets The First Lady
    Along with first lady Michelle Obama, members of the Dallas Cowboys encourage kids to get moving and eat right. More at and
    (Published Friday, Feb. 10, 2012)

    The three teams, named Red, White and Blue, had 30 minutes to serve a meal to Michelle Obama and "Top Chef" judges.

    After sniffing, sampling and debating, the First Lady made her pick.

    "I think we've decided to announce a Top Chef first. And the winner is... the winner is... Red, White and Blue! Everybody wins! Everybody wins!" she shouted.

    Sixth grader Antonio Perez described what it was like to have the First Lady judge his food.

    "She said it was good because it has nutrients and it doesn't have much fat," an excited Perez explained. "Like our chocolate mousse, it was made with avocado and cocoa powder. And no dairy products!"

    Teachers said it was good for the students to hear such a positive message from Mrs. Obama.

    "Well, I think it was such an awesome message for them, because they hear it from us as teachers and from their parents, but to hear it from somebody who is the first lady...I think that's definitely going to leave a lasting impression on them," said third grade teacher Cristal Jackson.

    Sixth grader Jasmine Rodriguez said it's definitely a message she'll take forward.

    "Instead of kids eating chips and those fat products, they should try new food and it could be healthy," Rodriguez said.