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Students Return to School Mourning Classmate

Teen killed in weekend car crash



    Students at Byron Nelson High School returned to class Monday, just two days after a fellow student was killed in a car crash. (Published Monday, April 16, 2012)

    It’s back to school Monday morning for students and teachers at Byron Nelson High School in Trophy Club, just two days after a car crash killed a popular student.
    Joshua Hernandez, 18, was heading home from a soccer game with his twin brother, Jesse, on Saturday. Joshua lost control of the car, crashed, and was killed.

    Jesse is recovering from minor injuries.
    Monday morning counselors are expected in class to help grieving students cope. Friends have been Tweeting their emotions.

    One students said she’s dreading seeing Josh’s empty desk.

    “I was really shocked, a big shock,” said Demetria Johnson.  “It’s really going to be a rough day, but we’ll get through it. You see them every day of the week, then find out during the weekend they’re gone. It’s really sad, heartbreaking.”
    Hundreds of students, staff, and parents gathered at the high school on Sunday night to honor the senior.

    “Wow, what a legacy that Josh has left behind. There are no right words for me to say, nothing that’s going to make the pain or hurt go away right now,” said Matt Hernandez.
    Hernandez's family attended the gathering and shared tears and prayers with the teen's friends, many who are struggling with the senior's sudden death.

    Friends said Josh played varsity basketball and had been getting ready to graduate with the first senior class of the new high school.

    “He was a great kid, never missed a day of church, never talked bad about anyone, never heard him curse, he was always there for everyone, always put others before himself, including his brother Jesse,” said Ryan Lexa, a friend.
    Some students wore white to honor the senior.

    “We’re all family. We're all Bobcats. We live together. We die together,” said Candace Hernandez, a junior at the school. Students are also mourning together. Many kids are turning to counselors to work through their emotions.
    “They’re just struggling with the big question, ‘Why?’ And anger of why this happens to people who are good,” said Alicia Edwards, Byron Nelson High School Counselor.
    Josh would have been a part of the new high school’s first graduating class on June 5th.

    “He was so close to beginning the next phase of his life and would have gone on to do incredible things, but did incredible things while he was here,” said Edwards.