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String of Armed Robberies at Pizza Stores



    At least eight Little Caesar's pizza stores across North Texas have been robbed at gunpoint in the past three weeks.

    Stores in Dallas, Fort Worth, Mesquite and Farmer's Branch have all been robbed at various times of the day.

    "They're waving guns around, and it's getting more violent each and every time they come around," said Brad Cleveland, area supervisor of Little Caesar's.

    Surveillance video shows the same two men robbing two different Little Caesar's stores on two different days.

    Little Caesars Target Of Serial Robbers

    [DFW] Little Caesars Target Of Serial Robbers
    Eight Little Caesar's stores have been robbed in just three weeks.
    (Published Thursday, May 5, 2011)

    In one incident, video shows them barging into a South Dallas store at closing time. One man jumps onto the front counter waving a gun. He puts a female employee at the counter in a choke hold and then puts the gun to back of her head while she empties the cash register. The other man, wearing a red bandanna and a purple hat with a Dora the Explorer logo on it, heads to the back of the store to pat down and rob each employee.

    Owners said their stores have safeguards in place including time-delayed safes, cameras and other methods to ensure that there is little cash on hand.

    "These guys are not getting away with very much," Cleveland said.

    But Little Caesar's said they are concerned about the threat to their employees and customers.

    "We're afraid that that time may come when somebody does get hurt, that's what we are afraid of," Cleveland said.

    No one has been seriously injured.

    If you have any information on the robberies, call police.