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Stranger Calls 911 After Disagreeing With Man's Opinion of Zimmerman Verdict

Family stopped by police after 911 call



    A casual father and son conversation about the George Zimmerman verdict triggered a 911 call in Seagoville. (Published Wednesday, July 17, 2013)

    A North Texas man and his son say someone who overheard them talking about the George Zimmerman verdict called 911 and told police they were threatening him.

    Wayland Gray and his son, Wayland Gray Jr., were talking about the case while in line at a gas station in Seagoville.

    "I was telling my son, in remembrance of Trayvon Martin, what we're going to start doing is wearing our hoodies," Wayland Gray said.

    "There was a man in front of us, a white man," his son said. "He said that, 'Y'all racists, just like Trayvon Martin,' and my daddy said, 'Say what?'"

    A second man then joined the discussion, they said.

    "He goes, 'Well, I'm going to write down your license plate number,' and this, that and the other, and 'I'm going to tell them you're making racial threats,'" Wayland Gray.

    The stranger made good on the threat and called 911.

    "He starts cussing me and threatening us with a gun," the man told the dispatcher.

    He gave police Gray's license plate number and a description of his pickup truck.

    Minutes later, three Seagoville officers stopped Gray, who had other family members with him in addition to his son.

    Police did not find a gun and let Gray go within minutes.

    Gray said the 911 caller deserves to be investigated for wasting the officers' time over a difference of opinion about a conversation he wasn't originally part of in the first place.

    "How can somebody go and pick up their phone and say what they want to say about you and then have the police chase you, make a false police report about you?" Gray said.

    Telling police that Gray was armed could have been deadly if not for the responding officers' very professional response, he said.

    "Anything could have happened," he said. "They could have pulled on me with guns drawn out."