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Special Delivery in Fort Worth



    Special Delivery in Fort Worth

    An airlift of air conditioning units was a crowd pleaser for passers by in Fort Worth Saturday Morning.  A big helicopter hoisted 57 pieces of heavy equipment onto the roof at Trimble Technical High School near Henderson and Rosedale. 

    The Fort Worth ISD has made 11 other air conditioning repairs or replacements this summer because of copper theft vandalism.  But Saturday's work at Trimble was planned in advance as part of a major renovation project at the school.

    Parents and children driving by stopped to watch the air lift. The chopper from 5 State Helicopters in Royce City was a Korean War era Sikorsky according to Richard Bennett, a retired engineer from Bell Helicopter in Fort Worth, who was among the spectators.  "It looks like he's carrying a load about every two minutes.  It would probably take them all day to do it with a crane," Bennett said.