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Southwest Airlines Featured in TLC "Docuseries"

Baltimore, Chicago Midway, and Denver airports are in the spotlight.



    Southwest Airlines Featured in TLC "Docuseries"
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    Southwest Airlines featured in new show airing Spring 2012 on TLC

    The TLC cable network is filming Southwest Airlines employees and passengers at three airports as part of a new "docuseries."

    Beginning this spring, viewers will be able to see how the Dallas-based airline operates, focusing on airports in Baltimore, Chicago, and Denver.

    "We felt like it was the right time to open our door to viewers and show customers the fun atmosphere at Southwest Airlines," said Ashley Dillon, a Spokesperson for Southwest. "We also feel viewers are intrigued by what goes into running a major operation and we trust our employees to show that in a positive light."

    This isn't the first time that Southwest has been documented on a television series. In 2004, A&E featured Southwest for the television show "Airline." Similarly, it chronicled the life of passengers and crew members working at Southwest Airlines.

    Dillon said this time around, they plan on showing the customers' experience in more detail.

    "Employees are the narrarators," Dillon said. "This one is more story focused."

    To get that story, Southwest is calling on passengers to share their experiences online. Finalists will be selected to appear on the show and will have a camera crew follow their trip.

    As far as other passengers flying Southwest, Dillon said filming will not interfere. She said the camera crew will consist of four people and most people walking through the airport won't even realize that filming is taking place.