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Bringing Beds to Families in Need

Foundation reaches out to help the less fortunate



    When S.M. Wright II, CEO of the S.M. Wright Foundation, visited families to deliver food and school supplies, he noticed many of the kids in the homes did not have beds. 

    So Wright decided to reach out and make a difference.  Since 2010 the S.M. Wright Foundation has been collecting donations and buying beds to give to the less fortunate. To date, more than 400 kids now sleep on twin beds.

    "We have a lot of families just trying to make sure they pay their rent, and furniture is a luxury, beds are just a luxury, and so we are just so able that we can help and assist with families in need," said S.M. Wright II.

    For the Valentine family and others like them it's a dream come true.  Vita Valentine lost her job and is also taking care of her grandchildren while fighting illness, but the S.M. Wright Foundation gave her kids the beds they so desperately need.

    Bed Donations for Kids in Need

    [DFW] Bed Donations for Kids in Need
    Since 2010 the SM Wright Foundation has been working to make sure kids don't sleep on the floor. To date the organization has delivered more than 400 twin beds to children in need.
    (Published Monday, May 30, 2011)

    The foundation provides the twin mattress, box spring, comforter set and sheets to each family.

    The Wright Foundation has a waiting list of 1,800 South Dallas families hoping to also get the free twin beds. 

    Wright II, says he hopes there will be  a day when every child that needs a bed can have a good night's sleep.