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Wake Up to #SomethingGood

Wake Up to #SomethingGood

#SomethingGood: Irving Boy, Named Bruce Wayne, Dubbed Hero



    #SomethingGood: Boy Alerts Grandparents to Fire

    A 5-year-old is being credited for helping save his grandparents and their home from a fire. He alerted them when he saw smoke and they called 911. Firefighters are commending his quick actions. (Published Monday, May 27, 2019)

    The Irving Fire Department celebrated a little hero! Five-year-old Bruce Wayne Staley is being credited for possibly saving his grandparents’ house from catching on fire.

    Bruce Wayne, no relation to the actual Batman, saw smoke outside his bedroom window. He ran and told his grandparents about it and they were able to quickly call 911.

    Firefighters said a car next to the house was on fire at the time. They were able to put the fire out but said if that call for help would have come in any later, there was a chance that fire could have spread to Bruce Wayne’s grandparents’ home.

    For his heroics, Bruce Wayne could put out the last hot spot of the fire and even helped roll up the fire hose for the firefighters.

    No Religious Exemptions for Measles Vaccines

    [NATL] No Religious Exemptions for Measles Vaccines

    A new law signed by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo Thursday ends religious exemptions for vaccinations for school children.

    The move comes as New York battles its worst measles outbreak in decades.
    (Published Friday, June 14, 2019)

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