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Someone Gets Lucky Today

Publishers Clearing House to make surprise cash award



    Someone Gets Lucky Today

    by Bruce Felps

    Well, well, today is somebody’s lucky day in Dallas.

    The Prize Patrol unit of Publishers Clearing House pulls into town about noon to find, well, someone. We don’t know who just yet.

    The magazine seller-dream maker intends to award $10,000 during a surprise visit to a person who entered the long-running sweepstakes. No, it’s not the big-kahuna prize, but give me 10 grand out of the blue and I’m a happy, happy boy. I’m not greedy, much.

    But who might the winner be? We can narrow it down a bit, perhaps, by geography. The Prize Control Elite Team, oooo, invited local media outlets to ride along and chronicle the presentation live. Hope they have a bleep button at the ready.

    The team set up its media rendezvous point at Albertsons Floral near the intersection of Northwest Highway and Midway Road so logic tells us it should be someone in northwest Dallas.

    Then again, good subterfuge defies logic. Could be someone in Oak Cliff for that matter.

    Let’s just hope for the sake of good television that the winner isn’t some hermit shut-in who refuses to answer the door. And let’s hope for the sake of the winner the prize money isn’t handed out by a Nigerian prince.

    Bruce Felps owns and operatesEast Dallas Times, an online community news outlet serving the White Rock Lake area. Hey, Publishers Clearing House, he could use 10 grand, you know, for the betterment of his fellow man and all that.

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