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Slowly But Surely, Dallas Cleans Up Storm Debris



    Slowly But Surely, Dallas Cleans Up Storm Debris
    The city of Dallas is almost finished cleaning up debris from nearly two months ago.

    Nearly two months after February’s record snowfall, the city of Dallas is almost finished cleaning up debris.

    The city’s Web site shows a map of the five last neighborhoods where debris collection is still under way.

    One of those areas is near the Cedar Crest golf course, where some residents have expressed their frustration with the city for taking so long to clear debris.

    “The pile of tree limbs beside my home have been there since just after the storm, and no city crews have been down my street,” said Barbara Wright.

    Storm Debris Cleanup Nearly Finished

    [DFW] Storm Debris Cleanup Nearly Finished
    The city of Dallas says it is nearly finished cleaning up from record snowfall nearly two months ago.
    (Published Monday, April 5, 2010)

    “Yes, it’s very annoying to the neighborhood,” Wright said. “It’s very annoying.”

    Her neighbor across the street had more damage to his home from the heavy snow, but said he is willing to wait for crews to come out.

    “I don’t worry about it, because I feel like when they get a chance, they’ll come and get it,” M.D. Rogers said.

    Monday afternoon, the city crews finally made it out to pick up piles of debris left in the street.

    City officials said sanitation crews made a first pass through the city shortly after the storm, but later found new piles of storm debris.

    "Our trucks have been on virtually every street,” said Mary Nix, Dallas sanitation director. 

    “It wouldn’t surprise me, though, if you didn’t see us, because we might have come early in the week before you had an opportunity to put it all out," she said.

    Bulk trash collection has now returned to its monthly pickup schedule. According to Nix, residents have until April 19 to put trash on the curb during the wrong week without the city issuing a citation.

    The extra grace period will give people more time to return to normal and give the city more time to answer 311 calls for bulk trash that crews may have missed.

    “It is a huge job,” Nix said.  “We first anticipated 40,000 tons of material. Now it looks like it’s going to be 60 or 65,000. That’s a lot of tree limbs to be picking up.”