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Everything you need to make your Turkey Day a success

Black Friday Begins In DFW

Hundreds skip the big dinner to wait in line.



    At the same shopping center in North Dallas, Toys R Us shoppers start their Black Friday spending at 8pm on Thanksgiving while Best Buy customers must wait. (Published Friday, Nov. 23, 2012)

    On Thanksgiving evening, it was the tale of two stores in North Dallas. A rush of shoppers entered Toys 'R Us at 8:00 p.m. The Central Expressway and Park Lane location was filled with shoppers. Meanwhile, nearby Best Buy customers waited for a midnight opening.

    For the Toys 'R Us shoppers, it was all about saving money. Neisha Moore is the mother of a 3-year-old girl.

    "I'm buying for her, her friends, family, people," Moore said. "I have a tree angel to shop for [too]."

    It's also about saving money. "Oh, it saves a lot of money," said shopper Leslie Toledo. "Like a few 100 dollars."

    Skipping Thanksgiving Tradition For Sales

    [DFW] Skipping Thanksgiving Tradition For Sales
    Many North Texans take the feast on the road as they wait for stores to open for Black Friday weekend.
    (Published Thursday, Nov. 22, 2012)

    The economy was also worth camping outside Best Buy for shoppers like Maria Pena.

    "Just on the TV, you're saving more than half of it," Pena said. "So it's affordable right now even if you have to be out here two days to get it."

    David Diamondson of Grand Prairie made sure to have his turkey, and his deal too.

    “We've got a little cornbread, stuffing, potato salad and turkey,” he showed us his meal. He also had a good reason to be waiting in line for 50-inch flat screen TV.

    “I don't have one. I got an old fashioned TV and I want a flat screen,” Diamondson said.

    His relative brought food for the family, and she too, was waiting in line.

    Mary Warren also had her reasons for camping out in front of Best Buy.

    “We're here because our house was burglarized last week, took our 52-inch screen TV and my laptop and just about everything and made a mess and insurance won’t really cover that much,” Warren said.

    Regardless of their reasoning, these folks decided to have their Black Friday deals, and their Thanksgiving dinner, too.

    Will it become a tradition? Diamondson doesn’t think so. He says once he has the flat screens, “I’ll have everyone at my house next year.”