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Single Mom Loses Home to Wildfire



    The wildfires that burned homes and cars near the Dallas-Ellis County line Saturday are flaring back up in certain areas. Firefighters and homeowners have been fighting the hot spots.

    The only homeowner in Glenn Heights whose house was destroyed returned home Sunday to see it for the first time. Remica Cox couldn't believe her eyes, as she walked into the home she bought just eight months ago.

    "Oh my goodness. This doesn't look like the same house I left this time last Sunday," said Cox through tears. "I had all their baby pictures up on the fireplace. And it's all gone. I had all the pictures."

    The single mother was out of state with her two daughters at a church conference, when they got the news that a wildfire had destroyed their home and everything inside. Relatives and friends comforted the family, while Cox's next-door neighbor, Chandra Hill, came up with a plan to help. Hill says it should have been her home that burned down.

    Single Mom Loses Home to Wildfire

    [DFW] Single Mom Loses Home to Wildfire
    Remica Cox walked through her home destroyed by Saturday's wildfire.
    (Published Wednesday, Aug. 15, 2012)

    "It was something I'd never seen before in my life," said Hill. "I couldn't get out of the alley. The fire was coming over the trees. The fire was directly behind my house. So when I left the area, I just knew my house was totally destroyed."

    A few doors down, the fire plowed through fences and got dangerously close to the homes just feet away.

    People turned on their sprinklers, and others pulled out garden hoses to wet their homes, lawns, and fences. They're not safe yet, firefighters continue to put out hot spots.

    "We worry about it, but you know, life goes on. We have to keep going on," said Sheena Purifoy, who hosed down her sister's property and helped extinguish hot spots in the field across the street.

    Cox thanks God the ones most precious to her were not hurt.

    "It could've been me at work and the girls here by themselves. And I could have lost way more than just the materials things," said Cox.

    The family has insurance and will rebuild.