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Shingle Shock: Roofing Materials Stolen in Coppell



    Shingles Stolen in Coppell

    Coppell police say since June there have been 17 cases of shingles stolen before roof replacement work could begin. (Published Wednesday, Nov. 14, 2012)

    Coppell police say since June, there have been 17 reported cases of thieves stealing shingle shipments from homes.

    Police say it's happening overnight or early in the morning, after the shingles have been dropped off, before the roofing work is set to begin.

    "It was quiet, I didn't hear anything, I don't know how they could've gotten away with it really," said theft victim Cindy Etheredge.

    Etheredge's home was hit hard by the spring hail storms which totaled her roof, then she was targeted by thieves who stolen the shipment of shingles right after it was dropped off.

    Police say each shipment could be thousands of dollars.

    "It just seems to be heightened right now best we can equate it to is because of recent storms, people are still trying to get roofs repaired," said Coppell Police Sgt. David Moore. "I think the thieves are taking the shingles and selling them on the black market, or maybe their contractors not wanting to pay for the shingles."

    Coppell police advise residents to let them know if they're getting a shipment of shingles, so that officers can patrol the area and they say homeowners should stay in touch with contractors throughout the repair process.