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Sentencing Delayed For Mother Who Slashed Child's Throat



    Sentencing Delayed For Mother Who Slashed Child's Throat
    Dallas police said Danielle Busby called 911 and told operators she had cut her child.

    The sentencing for a Dallas mother charged with cutting the throat of her 1-year-old daughter has been postponed until Tuesday.

    Police said Danielle Busby used a kitchen knife to slash the throat of her daughter Moriah two years ago, nearly killing her.

    Emergency surgery saved the girl’s life and she is now on the way to making a full recovery. She’s been legally adopted by relatives and will celebrate her third birthday in two weeks.

    “She’s recovered really well. She’s growing really fast and talking and about to celebrate her third birthday. She’s developmentally normally and doing very, very well,” said Annette Choice, the girl’s grandmother who is also the mother of Danielle Busby.

    Family members said Busby is a diagnosed schizophrenic and she was not taking her medication at the time of the attack.

    “I’m not angry at her. I don’t hate her. I’m hoping that she will, the community will help her, give her the help she needs,” Choice said.

    Prosecutors and defense attorneys worked on an agreement Monday that would declare Busby legally insane and sentence her to a mental institution for treatment and evaluation, but there were concerns that Busby wasn’t aware of what was happening in court.

    A psychiatrist is evaluating Busby now to make sure she’s competent and understands the nature of the plea deal.

    Busby’s mother said she just hopes her daughter gets the help and supervision she needs.

    "I’m not angry at my daughter at all. I’m angry about the situation itself," Choice said.  "It’s been a long battle with the mental illness for my daughter, and hopefully now they will see that she really, really needs help."