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Security Cameras Aid Garland Police to Catch Thieves

Men Spotted on Real Time Video Streaming Security Cameras



    Owners of Fit Logistics were fed up with thieves stealing gas from their trucking company so they installed cameras with special zoning sensors on their property. (Published Thursday, March 7, 2013)

    A Garland trucking company that had been losing thousands from gas thieves is using technology to stop the thefts. 

    Fed up with losing nearly $10,000 to fuel thieves, the family-owned trucking company, Fit Logistics, decided to have security cameras installed on their property.

    Surveillance cameras with special motion and zoning sensors were installed two weeks ago at the trucking company. 

    Thanks to the cameras, Garland police were already on the way to the property as two men attempted to steal a big rig on Sunday.

    Garland police arrested Bobby Cline, 25, and William Ayala, 48, and charged them with theft.

    "At least this time we know we got some results and that truck alone paid off the cameras, said Michael Szczypta, son of business owner of Fit Logistics.

    In the last two months, thieves have stolen from Fit Logistics four times. 

    Garland Police say it's been a problem they've been dealing with for a while.

    "It was very aggravating, we'd come in in the morning, our trucks would be empty on gas, and we'd have to go spend more money filling them up and once we'd get here in the morning there was nothing we could do about it," said Szczypta.

    The security cameras can detect criminal activity in real time, streaming live video to a Richardson command center where specialists alert police immediately.

    "Simultaneously we can have the police dispatched to catch the criminals in the act versus getting away with a possible theft," said Chris Hill with the Single Source Group.

    Software on the cameras can tell the difference between a person, a car, or an object.

    "We built and superimposed trigger lines and zones around their vehicles, that you don't see with the naked eye, that our cameras are constantly looking for," said Matt Antkowiak with Thrive Intelligence, a video surveillance, real-time monitoring company. "And when the bad guys entered, we were able to call the police and dispatch and get them caught."

    In minutes Garland police officers are on scene, and with guns drawn, the real-time monitor helped them locate the suspects from their hiding spot in the truck.