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Search Shows Chiropractor Treated at Least 10 Kids, Young Adults

List of property seized sealed for 30 days



    A list of what was found in a search of chiropractor David Russell's office were sealed Friday for 30 days.

    Officials said releasing the information, which contained confidential information including, but not limited to, the names of four children under 16, six between 17 and 18 and a number of other adults, could compromise the investigation and the safety of witnesses.

    Russell is accused of assaulting two teen girls during their treatment for pulled muscles.  Russell's incredibly graphic arrest warrant chronicles the claims against the doctor.

    The arrest warrants are here, but be warned the contents are disturbing.

    Evidence Collected From Chiropractor's Office

    [DFW] Evidence Collected From Chiropractor's Office
    McKinney investigators in McKinney are pouring over volumes of material taken from Dr. David Russell's office, as they search for evidence of sexual assault.
    (Published Friday, Nov. 11, 2011)

    Investigators spent more than four hours Thursday removing file cabinets, storage boxes and computer hard drives from the doctor's office.

    "I really can't speak to the totalities of the exact files that we actually have taken into our possession right now," said Dep. Chief Scott Brewer with the McKinney Police Department. "We will now see how things develop over the next 48 hours. I can tell you that we are processing all of those items to determine what is evidentially valuable to us."

    McKinney police are expected to file paperwork at the Collin County courthouse Monday, but with the warrant sealed, we won't know what was found for at least a month.

    McKinney Police Search Russell Chiropractic

    [DFW] McKinney Police Search Russell Chiropractic
    McKinney Police served David Russell's chiropractic office with a search warrant.
    (Published Thursday, Nov. 10, 2011)

    Investigators said Russell met the children at Taylor Dance Center where he taught strength and conditioning classes.

    Russell's chiropractic office is closed until at least Monday. Russell, who is free after posting $200,000 bond, said the allegations are completely false and baseless.

    NBC 5's Kevin Cokely contributed to this report.