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Search Crews Pick Up on a Cold Case in Euless

A mother in search of her daughter has never given up hope



    Search Crews Pick Up on a Cold Case in Euless
    Investigators have not revealed the location where they are searching for the missing woman.

    More than four years after she first disappeared, the search for a Euless woman picked back up Saturday.

    Kristin Charbonneau was last seen in August 2005 leaving Baby Dolls Topless Club in Fort Worth. Though she's been missing for years, her family never gave up their search.

    Kristin’s mother, Monica Charbonneau, said, "You just have to figure out what else can you do that you haven't done. Who else can you talk to that you haven't talked to and where do you go where do you look."

    Saturday, United Response Search and Rescue Team began looking for remains in an undisclosed area of Fort Worth. The search team’s director Dana Ames took two months to research the secluded property before taking action.

    "We're pretty hopeful this property has a lot of potential," said Ames.

    Charbonneau found the team on the internet six months ago. She hopes the group can help bring her some closure. As heartbreaking as it is for her, Monica said she's realistic about what they may find.

    "We're not looking for her as I last saw her, we're looking for just whatever is left over," Charbonneau said.

    Investigators with the Euless Police Department do have a person of interest in the case, but no arrests have been made.