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School Bus, Car Collide in Dallas

No injuries reported in early-morning crash



    School Bus, Car Collide in Dallas

    A Dallas County school bus and a car collided near Cockrell Hill and Davis Street Tuesday morning.

    The bus was loaded with about 15 students bound for the Dealey International Academy when it collided with the car.

    None of the students were believed to be injured in the crash, though some were being taken to the hospital to be evaluated.

    The driver of the car that collided with the bus said he was stopped at the intersection and saw the bus coming down the hill. 

    "As I stopped, I looked up, looked this way and seen the school bus coming, looked that way and then when I pulled out he's coming down the hill and the front of the school bus surpassed my car and my car went up under the school bus and hit the back of the tire," said the driver, who refused to give NBC 5 his name. "I'm not worried about me, as long as the kids on the bus is OK, that's all I'm worried about."

    The driver said the back part of the bus rolled over the front of his car, snapping the bus's axle.

    One student told NBC 5 that it looked like the car was going too fast and hit the back part of the bus.

    Several kids on the bus told NBC 5 that it felt like the bus was going to flip over as it rolled over the car.

    The bus did not flip and eventually came to rest in a nearby median.

    Dallas police are investigating the crash.

    NBC 5's Ben Russell contributed to this report.